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In our culture, selfishness has got a bad rep. There is this widespread idea that we must put others before ourselves in order for the world to be a better place. Many equate this idea to selflessness, of selfless service; that by surrendering our own needs and wants and serving others, our spirit gains merit and our ego and personality dissolves.

There is some truth to this, but from my experience the true understanding of selflessness has been contorted in general.

The essence of selfishness and selflessness are really one and the same.

The negative connotation of selfishness comes from people putting their personality, sense of self, ego, identity, etc.. before their spirit... caring for their false image of themselves, at the cost of other people, and their own sprits.

This negative connotation of selfishness is rooted not in the idea of putting oneself first.... but is rooted in the misidentification of who we truly are. It comes with identification with a persona, body, identity, fixed idea... instead of who we truly are as spiritual beings.

Now if we are identified with ourselves as a spiritual being, being selfish IS being selfless...

The intelligence of spirit takes into account the highest good of ALL. It cannot put the wellbeing of one person over another person because it is at one with all persons. If you are truly following your heart and your intuition (not an entity masquerading as such), you are acting from the part of you that IS everyone and everything...

it is aware of the infinite factors that our minds can only comprehend a limited amount of... takes into account all potential realities, various timelines, parallel realities, the intentions of those around us, the effects that our choices will have beyond just this moment, but how it effects our future, our past, and is also aware of what is going on in simultaneous dimensions...

That being said... when we put our spirit first, and listen to our internal guidance... when we prioritize our spiritual growth and energetic wellbeing before all things.... before our bodies, before other people... we are actually being of service in the highest possible way that we can.

Sometimes putting ourself first involves other people, sometimes it involves literally assisting other people, sometimes it involves doing absolutely nothing at all, sometimes we are just observing..... but no matter what it is we do.... the idea is that we are doing it for ourselves, and for our own spiritual wellbeing.

This spiritual selfishness is not only healthy, but essential.

Our frequency and our awareness determine what dimension we are living in and what world we perceive... It also determines who and what people, ideas, thoughts, realities, and forms can exist in our own personal world.

Our entire collective reality is shaped by this interplay and the communications between these personal worlds that we each shape. As we each choose to play higher and higher games, there are others there to play those games with us... As we exist and play in higher dimensions, these games become more popular and more easily accessible as many are experiencing here on earth now.

To truly be selfless and selfish means to discontinue acting from our personalities, and to begin acting from our divinities. Our divinity cannot act at the expense of another being, it simply is not possible. Our divinity is working for the whole, it is at one with the Source of all that is, whether things may seem like it or not from the perspective of our personality.

Gaining our memory back, remembering who we truly are as spirit and putting our energy toward that which assists us in that process is truly the greatest service.... It is only by being and acting from our spirit, not our personality that we can provide value to the world.


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